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More CPUs?

Here’s the tail end of an email from our cluster administrator:

Any single cardiac user can have anywhere between 160GB to 2TB of data at
any given time. Currently I think we have about 5-10 cardiac users.

Thanks for the help on this. This will be used to determine the amount of
storage space we will need for the new 128CPU IBM Power5+ server we will be

/me drools

My Parents Sold Our House in Michigan

The house I grew up in has apparently been sold, with closing pending. Once upon a time I thought that this would be a big deal. I’m finding that I don’t really care that much. Being a college student who now moves approximately every 12 months, I’ve gotten used to residences as temporary places to keep my food, bed, and computer.

That said, I’m still a little sad to see it go. I haven’t been there in years. I think probably four or five years actually. Something tells me that if I were there visiting while thinking about it, I might get a bit more misty.

It wasn’t a great house, really. Now that I’ve lived in some nicer places, I can see that the ceilings were somewhat low (though not compared to my old basement apartment), the baseboards plain, and the floor plan uninspiring. My parents put a fair bit of money into it, though, replacing the (cheap) original light fixtures, ripping up the linoleum and laying down good tile, and after we mostly moved out, putting in brand new carpet. It was a fine place to grow up, in a decent neighborhood.

I rifled through my 2,501 iPhoto pictures and realized that not one of them is from that house. I didn’t have a digital camera until I moved to Louisiana, which explains this. I have paper photos, but those aren’t with me and they aren’t easily posted at this moment.

In other news, in case you ever wondered what I looked like with long hair and a goatee, wonder no more.

That’s from a bout of Office Chair Jousting in the hallway of the Delt House my senior year. I’m being pushed by the magnificent Aaron (Polish last name).

Immune System Alert Level Yellow

As mentioned previously, I’m going to Niger this summer. I went to see a travel doctor yesterday to make sure that I had all of the necessary powerups… er… vaccines. Based on the risks and my immunization history, here’s what we decided on:

  • Influenza
  • Polio booster
  • Tetanus booster
  • Typhoid
  • Yellow Fever
  • New and Improved Meningitis

All of these but the Typohid (which is live culture in pills, mm!) were injected into my arms yesterday. I imagine my immune system is going shit nuts, but I feel fine. I also got prescriptions for Cipro and Lariam. BTW, should you ever think about doing this, keep in mind that vaccinations are not cheap, except for Influenza. It was ~$15.

Faces Article

A little while back I made a post about an old LiveJournal entry and a new article. Going through my bloglines clippings I found the article. It discusses the experimental findings that people can accurately judge personality by looking at someone’s face. You can find the original article here.

Long-Awaited Update

I know you’re all just dying for an update, but I’ve been in something of a quandry over what to write lately. First of all, let me point out this fine example of how I expect you to pop your collar, if you do at all:

Joseph Meisson Kennedy

Also, check out my photostream, where I’ve added several pictures from my phone.

That’s all for now.