Monthly Archives: November 2004

World Sunlight Map

This is a moving map of the earth, with sunlight superimposed. Unlike some you might have seen, this one appears to use satellite images as the basis, including lights at night, which is nice.

Le Dinner

Going to La Provence for dinner… it’s my parents’ anniversary. This will be the so-called last hurrah of expensive food not paid for by me until christmas break.

Warning! Evolution is poisonous!

I don’t know if any of you were aware of the whole evolution vs. intelligent design vs. creationism thing going on in the Cobb County School District, but it’s pretty crazy if you ask me.

Anyway, they’re getting textbooks with warning stickers saying things like, “Warning! This book contains *cough* lies *cough* about *evolution*, some crackpot theory a couple of drunk scientists came up with one night.”

Okay, they’re not that bad, but check out this sticker page that you can print out and attach to things! Really, check it out. Make sure to read past the first two rows.

Thanks to Butterflies and Wheels for the reference.


I came across a recommendation for Thinner/Autoplate as a good source of free and high-quality electronica. So check it out if it’s your thing, I guess. I haven’t really had a chance just yet, but I’m doing some listening as I work on this Thanksgiving afternoon.