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I’m back from Europe…

I’m back from Europe and doing a lot of catching up. I have over 700 RSS feed entries to read. Some people are already following me on Twitter but I haven’t had time to add them as well. I will do that soon. listen

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I am on the homestretch…

I am on the homestretch of my trip to Minnesota. I have 59 minutes left until I reach my destination, I recently filled up on gas and I have eaten a bar of chocolate and I’m drinking Diet Rockstar. Along the way in the dark, I have seen at least 3 ____ and lightning in the distance. I’m hoping that neither of them turns to be a problem for me. listen

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My trip is going well….

My trip is going well. I’m approaching Chicago and I’m about 70 miles away from it. I know plan to go all the way to Minnesota today. The current estimate from my GPS is that I’ll drive at 1:20 a.m. however I think that I can probably improve that time. listen

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