At the end, but it’s just begun

Had my last class of the semester today, but I’ve three projects to do (I think, counts fingers, yes) in the next week, one if which is not due till the next, and a trip to Vanderbilt stuck in the middle.

Also, I have a metric assload (10 points if you know the Imperial equivalent) of grading to do, because due to the abstracts mentioned in my last post, nothing has really been done in the grading department.

The itinerary for tomorrow includes these wonderful things:

  • Getting stuff from my mother, that she’s bringing from home
  • Reutrning my copy of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography to the Tulane library
  • Going to work where:
  • I’ll be helping Slava to buy a computer, including putting the purchase on my Visa since he doesn’t have one (yet, I hope)
  • a lab trip to ASB (Asian Super Buffet, which deserves a post in its own right at some point)
  • vegetation? (something 1-4, probably Weekly Review of my agendas)
  • Happy Hour at the boot followed by
  • Movie night (maybe?)
  • Sleep

and then

work work work work work on Saturday, until the evening. At this time it will be Unknown Evening Activity With Val Probably Involving Dancing Somewhere on Frenchman.

then work work work


work work work

and we’ll see after that. Eventually comes the Vandy trip, and then a group presentation when I return. Oh and I have some kind of upper respiratory unpleasantness going on. Blech.