Everything Must Go!

In the spirit of the holiday season, and my obsession with simplifying my life, I bring you the Great Holiday Giveaway of 2004. I’m going to start posting items that I will give to anyone for free. The catch is you have to arrange to get it from me. I’ll ship stuff but only if you somehow cover the cost. If you live in the New Orleans area then it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get stuff from me. I may post several items at once, but for now I’m starting with this one. Glow in the dark stars!

They’ve served me well, but I’m just not using them anymore. Want them? Drop me a line. (Note, these would be good ones for shipping, I’m sure it’s cheap.) NOTE: they include non-damaging sticky-tac stuff for putting them up.

One thought on “Everything Must Go!

  1. Amy

    There’s just something so odd about this. I do not know anyone else that gives away random stuff on their blog.

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