Long day, though not actually terribly stressful. I spent a lot of time getting things in shape around the apartment before leaving for Mandeville. I did some laundry, cleaned some dishes (mostly via dishwasher), packed up stuff, cleaned, organized, sorted my Pile-O-Receipts? and more.

Based on the fact that I’m lazy (partially) and afraid of something breaking (mostly), I left most of my desktop machine at the apartment. I’ll probably be going back and forth a little, so I suppose that’s just as well. I did bring one of the displays from it, and my work machine (17″ powerbook, aka Lalwende) which is now hooked up to aforementioned display, so I’ve at least got two screens to work with.

And I do mean work. I’m going to try to put together figures for my first, first-author paper by Thursday (Ha!), as that’s when my colleague in Oxford will be taking some time off for the holidays. This is helped somewhat by the Abstract Madness that took place a week or two ago. All that work and the presentation work before it has laid a decent foundation for the rest of what I have to do. Additionally, I have work on two collaborations to attend to.

Given all the travel, finals, and the fact that I left my athletic gear here in Mandeville over the past week, I’ve had nary a bit of exercise in just over a week. That’s ending tomorrow. There are no excuses now. I have the time. I should have made the time before, but sometimes priorities get messed up. I’m paying the price now because I feel like crap, and I can’t work like this. Tomorrow’s Sunday already (eep) so weather permitting perhaps I’ll start with a nice bike ride (30 miles?) on the St.Tammany Trace.