Swingin’ Singles

A little indie label called Comfort Stand has a welcome practice of posting updates on releases to their blog. Another point of note about this label is that their releases are entirely free and available in MP3 format. The claim to have some discretion in terms of what they publish. Now, no great indie music expert, I, I certainly run into a lot of songs that just sound like noise. However, if you spend some time spelunking through the (non-categorized… uh) catalog there are some gems waiting to be found.

Right now I’m listening to the album Swingin Singles. There’s a pretty good variety of music presented in this album, and if you’re feeling adventurous I’d recommend you give it a try. After all, it’s not like downloading it really costs anything.

On an ending note, if you decide to explore the site and something jumps out at you, do comment or email and let me know? Thanks.