’twere an expensive day

Went and did something I’m not very fond of today, which is to say clothes shopping. Sorry for the pics earlier — I’m testing out some of the features of Flickr and trying to decide (a) if it’s worth using and (b) if it’s worth paying for the ‘professional’ level of support. I’m paying $20/mo. for this webserver and it’s capable of similar things if I’d put some time into setting it up. Granted, it doesn’t have the community aspect, which is something that Flickr offers. However, the pro membership would be an additional $40ish per year. Not much compared to the virtual server hosting, but it looks like a little more when one adds it to what I’m paying for that. *Sigh*, so many options.

Anyhoo, I took some more pics of the sundry clothing I wasted money on today, so I’ll give that a separate post and describe the adventure that is my sister helping me to pick out my wardrobe.