Thank you for your business mister… Lecter?

I came across this article today via Digg somewhere, where a guy signs his credit card receipts with everything but his name.

This has been a concern of mine for some time — I write CHECK ID with a red sharpie next to my name on any card I have to sign. Rarely is the back looked at, and when it is, even more rarely do they actually check my ID. WTF? Apparently in Europe everyplace now uses PINs for credit cards. Bravo. I called my bank to get them to turn off the Visa capability of my card (i.e. no pin required). Apparently this is no longer possible. Bah, they just want the overcharge fees when my card is stolen and my account drained. Fuckers.

Anyway, so this is an interesting idea. I think I’m going to start signing my credit card receipts “Hannibal Lecter” in an homage to the Silence of the Lambs trilogy. This should be particularly amusing at restaurants. “A census taker tried to test me once — I ate his liver, with a side of fava beans, and a nice Chianti.”

Will anyone notice? Hell, if this guy can sign with a stick figure person, I’m guessing not.