Indonique – New Orleans Tea Shop

At Amanda’s suggestion, I rode my bike down to a little Indian tea place called Indonique today to check it out. I’m actually there now, typing this over their free WiFi. You can see a picture at the end of this post. They seem to be pretty up with the times, having a blog and a regular website and all.

They have all kinds of tea out on the counter in jars that you can smell and look at before you buy, a 10% student discount (woohoo!), and bring your tea right to your table. I’m a brand new customer and they were happy to let me just start up a tab. I wasn’t sure about locking my bike up outside, so I called ahead, and they assured me that if I couldn’t find a good spot, I was welcome to bring the bike inside. It’s not a big place, so that’s pretty generous of them.

Anyway, I know I’ve promised a lot and the posts have been sparse at best, but first it was spring break, and now it’s spring break catch-up. This blogging is taking up my entire study break, which ended 2 minutes ago actually. Therefore, without further ado, here’s the pic:


Not that I’m a conniseur or anything, but I just ordered a hot chai, and compared to PJ’s and a few others, this is the best hot chai I’ve ever had, bar none. Also, I just discussed the blog with the owner, George, who said they’re going to have e-commerce up on their website soon.