Persuasive Arguments

I once read a couple of books by Frank Peretti. They’re very persuasive. The evil force in his latest book, “Monster”, is evolution.

Such ignorance.

Please, people, if you have any questions about how evolution could possibly create you and what you see around you (outside, people created buildings, of course), go read something by Richard Dawkins. Anything, probably.

The last thing we need is a popular christian author using emotional techniques and faulty logic to persuade his readers that evolution is not only wrong, but bad for people to believe.

One thought on “Persuasive Arguments

  1. Val

    Hey, if the world responded better to logic than it did to emotion, we’d already be living in utopia.

    This might be random, but I’ll recommend to you the comic book Ex Machina. The premise behind it is that the main character is a former superhero (the only one in the world, and he retired when he realized that superheroes Just Don’t Work in the real world) who, through his fame, recently got elected as a non-party-affiliated mayor of New York City. He is very much an engineer in a political world, and he doesn’t understand why anyone would have emotional objections to his extremely logical policies. It’s actually helped me understand a bit about the political and religious mentalities.

    (incidentally the link you posted doesn’t work, at least on my browser)

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