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Dawkins on ID

Richard Dawkins weighs in with regard to the trickery and lies of Intelligent Design proponents.

Also, see “No Science for You!” which Valerie so graciousy pointed to in a comment on my last post on this topic.

ADDENDUM: from the Dawkins article, “Bring us your mysteries for we can use them. Don’t squander precious ignorance by researching it away. Ignorance is God’s gift to Kansas.”


Yes, evolution and natural selection are definitely undirected processes. If you don’t count, you know, living and reproducing.

I’ve never seen so much rationalization in my life as with this intelligent design BS. Do you know what people discussing intelligent design is? It’s a bunch of people playing who-can-make-up-the-best-excuse-for-teaching-creationism-in-public-schools. Listen to intelligent design proponents (i.e. – creationists) and what you will hear is a bunch of people patting each other on the back for coming up with all kinds of rationalized bullshit.

I don’t care what anyone thinks actually happened. Think what you like. I don’t, however, see why this should be a debate in a science classroom. Science is science, and it doesn’t generally include people’s whimsical fancies.

Hot Much?

Amanda sent an email to me today saying that I could pull up Zinder, Niger on my Dashboard weather widget. I punched it in:

Apparently it’s hot season right now, and won’t be when we go there. That’s good, because 107 degrees raw temperature… Wow. That’s almost the temp of the water in my dishwasher.

New Data

I’m wrapping up the data runs for the paper that I’m working on, and these last few results are interesting. Here’s a movie (DivX required) of a run:


Neat, huh?