Greasemonkey – Go get it

Robert Scoble made a post today about the new annoying Google adSense stuff for RSS feeds. I’ve been unsubscribing from sites as they add them, but it’s no longer necessary. As mentioned in his post/comments, there are ways of removing these things.
I had heard about Greasemonkey for Firefox a while ago, and was very interested in it, but never got a chance to try it myself. Basically, it’s a mechanism for easily, automatically applying modifications to websites, doing things such as making all pages use a black-on-white color scheme, removing ads, adding useful links, and more. It is _phenomenal_, and yet another reason to use Firefox.

If you don’t go install it right now, it is most certainly your loss. I am once again subscribed to Slashdot RSS, now in new, **Ad-Free** flavor.