African Dialects

(11:52:54) David B.: sdfsd sd;lfksdf poweriqtn wet03mfskl
(11:53:03) David B.: I am practicing my african dialects
— EDIT — (more added below)
(12:03:01) David B.: speakers come next
(12:03:02) Brock Tice: *sigh*
(12:03:06) Brock Tice: no kidding
(12:03:10) Brock Tice: not till fall at this point
(12:03:16) Brock Tice: I’m too poor
(12:03:19) David B.: replace those first and then we will do the head unit…..
(12:03:19) Brock Tice: need more paychecks
(12:03:27) David B.: you can beg for money in Africa…..
(12:03:33) Brock Tice: yeah that’ll go well
(12:03:40) Brock Tice: they apparently think all white people are millionaires
(12:03:47) David B.: Poor student needs speakers for car…..
(12:03:49) Brock Tice: or equivalently wealthy, if you get my drift
(12:03:56) Brock Tice: except how do you write that in french?
(12:04:03) David B.: the starving people would love it and feel sorry for you……
(12:04:45) David B.: have fun, I have to meet my mom for lunch…..
(12:04:53) Brock Tice: okay, see you later
(12:06:18) Brock Tice: btw, it’s le pauvre ├ętudiant a besoin de l’argent pour des haut-parleurs de voiture

(David’s a fellow Ph.D. student in the lab)