The Countdown Continues

T-60 Hours and counting… (’til I get on the first plane of the trip to Niger). Lots of packing and finding of items. Strike that, reverse it. I’m still not sure where my old pair of nylon hiking pants are. I used them in March. I’m going to have to double my efforts searching at my apartment, because they aren’t here in Mandeville.

I also couldn’t find my old point-and-shoot Nikon camera, but my father offered to let me use his Yashica FX-2 35mm SLR on the trip. I’m pretty excited about that — I once took some snzzy black-and-whites with that camera. Too bad they now cost 3x as much to develop as color, since nobody has machines to do it on-site anymore. I can’t take my digital because the battery wears out too fast, and it’s a non-standard rechargeable, so I can’t just drop in a replacement. Lesson learned for the next camera purchase I make.

Sleepy now, time for bed. I’m getting a ride back into town tomorrow with my sister, and she has to leave at 07:00.

2 thoughts on “The Countdown Continues


    Africa awaits you! You are going to love it!

    PS I looked into it and hotels in Zinder are not expensive… See you soon and talk to you on Saturday. How goes the Hausa?

  2. brock Post author

    Eh, I need to study it. A lot! I think I’ll make and study flash cards on the plane(s) and layover(s).

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