Approximate Itinerary

Leaving this morning for New York, and flying out of JFK around 20:00 Eastern time, headed for Morocco. I arrive at about 07:00 the following morning, have a 12-hour layover, then take another evening flight to Niamey, Niger. I arrive at 00:20 local time. I’ll spend a few days in Niamey with Amanda at Kabongo’s place, then we head out in the direction of Zinder, which requires approximately 12 hours in a (air conditioned!) bus. I think we stay overnight in Zinder, and then take an ox cart out to Amanda’s village (called Kourni Bandawa), or something. We’ll spend a week and a few more days in the village, then do the whole thing in reverse, except I don’t think we’ll be in Niamey that long on the way back, and my flights back all happen within one day, August 8th. If I get a chance, I’ll post an update or two (with appropriate GPS coordinates!), but don’t count on it.