Guilt-free SUV? Not as far as I’m concerned.

So, according to Tyler Cowen on Marginal Revolution, a company will now offset your CO2 production for a yearly fee.

Not only do I find this foolish (why expend energy to repair damage you could have just avoided?), but more importantly, it doesn’t circumvent the hurtling safety hazards that are SUVs. As I’ve said before, their presence on the road is dangerous to ALL drivers, including those inside SUVs. The remedy? Shoot everyone who drives one? Outlaw SUVs? Those are suggestions I get sarcastically when I bring the subject up. No. How about not giving people a tax break for driving an SUV.

If gas prices stay where they are for a while, maybe that will help as well.

One thought on “Guilt-free SUV? Not as far as I’m concerned.

  1. Tom Arnold

    Hi there: Despite all these press articles focusing on SUV guilt, most TerraPass members drive fuel efficient cars already (honda civic is our #1 car). They are already enviro concious and minimize the pollution they make and use our service to balance out the rest.


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