In Dallas

We’re now in Dallas, and trying to decide where to go next. There’s some question as to how long it will take to get power back up in Mandeville, and furthermore whether any stores (especially grocery stores) will be open. I for one am inclined to wait it out at the house in Mandeville — we have plenty of food and water, and I don’t need electricity to live (yes, it’s true).

It would be somewhat risky, given that there’s currently no way to contact anyone, should something go wrong. It doesn’t matter much, because there’s no way I’ll get my mom and sister to go back there.

I shot half a roll of film of the damage to our house and the surrounding houses. The other half of the roll is from Africa. I’m going to go find a drug store and get it developed to a photo CD, and hopefully I’ll be able to post the photos later today.

Thanks go out to Valerie for trsnscribing my last LiveJournal phone post.

Keep me posted on your whereabouts if you live in New Orleans — I’m looking for news of Wendy and Tao Li. They’re the only people I haven’t heard from in my lab, and Wendy’s pregnant.

‘Til later, this is Brock in Arlington.