In Bayfield

For the first time in a week, we know that tomorrow, we won’t have to pack up and drive across the country. And the day after, we won’t have to pack up and drive some more. We have probably a week or so before we have to think about driving anywhere else. In the mean time, we’re trying to get some work done on my uncles’ boat, Fandango.

Boat Sweet Home

I need a Linux machine along with OS X, so I’m installing Ubuntu PPC on my 15″ powerbook (foreground). I’d use Gentoo, but with a 500 MHz G4 it would take too long. I know Ubuntu will work, because I tried a LiveCD first.

We went to Target yesterday, where I bought some cool-weather clothing and office-type supplies, and we’re finally getting settled in this morning.

My IP phone should be on more or less the entire week at (586)-486-3220, and you can also get ahold of me by email.

How’re you (fellow evacuees) doing?