Ready to Crunch

I found (in my backups — I’m so thankful that I ran nightly backups to a removable drive) a statically-linked binary of the latest version of our simulation software.

I’m now setting up a universal operating environment, containing binaries, libraries, and scripts, that I can synchronize onto the various clusters that the lab has been given access to. I think I’ll have simulations running by tomorrow around lunch time.

I’ve also started logging the time I spend on lab-type work on a daily basis. I hope this will give me more insight into how I am spending my time, so as to encourage me to make the best use of work-time that I can.

Yesterday, I did nearly seven hours of work, while today I’m probably closer to three or four. I had to run errands, including returning the multifunction printer/scanner/etc device I bought last week. The scanner doesn’t work under OS X version 10.4, contrary to HP’s claims. It was therefore taking up space and a place in my budget and it had to go. I had my eye on a replacement device, but unfortunately Best Buy did not have it in stock — only available on their website. The joys of not having a permanent mailing address.

I should be returning to Mandeville soon, and will acquire the supplies I need at that time.