Tryad and Your Local Library

I have for you today two points of interest. Yesterday was kind of a bitter day on Virtually Shocking, so today will be a bit more positive.

First point of interest: Tryad. Neat sort of ambient music, which varies in genre, really, all released under a creative commons license. The members of the group don’t actually play together. Their collaboration is via the internet. Their first album, Public Domain was released today, and I haven’t yet listened to the whole thing. However, what I’ve heard, I dig. I particularly like Dance of the Urbanite. Found via Lawrence Lessig‘s blog.

Second point of interest. I gather this is rather old news, but I just found it today via the 43 Folders top 10 clicked links post. The second item on that list describes how to create a “bookmarklet” in your browser.

“Brock,” you ask, “What does this magical bookmarklet do?” — I’m glad you asked.

Let’s say you’re browsing the site of a bookseller, maybe Amazon, and decide you want to read the book that you’re looking at. You click the bookmarklet. It pulls up your local library’s search with the book already searched for. It does this by ISBN, and it’s recommended that you use a hardcover ISBN, since libraries tend to carry them over paperbacks.

Brilliant. Instructions are here, on Jon Udell’s blog.

On an unrelated note, I switched my personal website,, over to MoinMoin wiki today. It used to run on QwikiWiki, but I wanted more power.