Kubuntu Breezy Badger is Great!

I just finished installing Kubuntu 5.10 (preview), nicknamed “Breezy Badger.”

I’ve been a desktop linux user for about 6 years solid now, and let me just say, this is a breath of fresh air. I also installed it on my PowerBook 15″ last week without ANY TROUBLE AT ALL. Everything has been auto-detected and set up properly, preferences and menus are clean and logically laid out. If I dreamed up a fantasy linux distribution, set up the way I want it, this would be it.

It’s like debian, only up to date. (It’s based on Debian, after all).

Fantastic. I had been wondering what all of the Ubuntu/Kubuntu chatter was about. Now I understand.

2 thoughts on “Kubuntu Breezy Badger is Great!

  1. Alex

    would you recommend this for my thinkpad laptop? (I am still secretly daydreaming about switchin’ to linux)

  2. campble

    would it be wise for me to set up my ibm think pad with brezzy badger?

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