Working in the Rudy Lab

Hello from the lab of Dr.Yoram Rudy at Wash U. I’m using a spare desk they had available here. It’s nice to have a stationary, quasi-permanent place to work once more. I’ve been taking care of home GTD (Getting Things Done, for the uninitiated) stuff after breakfast and then heading in once I’m done with all of that. This usually has me here by 09:30 or 10:30 so far. I expect now that I’m on this routine I should get a bit better about that and typically be here by 09:00.

They’ve let me use this desktop machine that was at the desk, but it’s running (blech) Windows XP. Luckily, I was able to set up a VNC desktop on my server ( and I just switch it to fullscreen. I’m really glad I just upgraded the server a few weeks ago. This would have been painful the way it ran before.

The updates have been somewhat infrequent of late, so I’m renewing my focus on keeping you all posted about the fantastically interesting saga that is my life.