I did 7 loads of laundry today

It was certainly a day of laundry. A day of going up and down three flights of stairs every 10-20 minutes becuase our washer doesn’t pull cold water on its own — I have to put it in with a hose. It does work, though, and it’s free. The dryer is fantastic, but after around four or five loads in a row it overheats, and won’t run for an hour. But wow, gas dryers are fast!

In other news, today I finished moving non-backup files off of my backup drive. Everything is falling into place. There was a lot of file moving going on, but I’m almost done setting up complete, automatic, daily backups of every home directory on every machine, cluster, etc that I use. That should complete my data-related peace of mind.

Not much else to say. I did some shopping today. I bought more clothes. I got a bit annoyed by the constant up-selling of store-brand credit cards. Fools. They don’t want me as a credit card customer anyway. I always pay my balance in full. Credit card companies refer to people who do that as ‘deadbeats’. Funny, eh?


Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Alcohol
08:30 h 2.940 L 02:00 min 1/2 cup(s) 1 drink(s)

No running, today was another break for my legs. Back on the horse at 05:15 sharp tomorrow. Lots of water. I’ve been doing a lot today, and sweating a bit. I think that’s why. One glass of Turning Leaf Sauvignon Blanc for dinner. I was disappointed, it’s a bit bitter. That’s all folks, time for bed.