RSS – It’s hard to talk about

My attempts to explain the wonder and power of RSS were mostly for naught today. I think my audience felt a combination of confusion and not caring. I tried to launch into the benefits of RSS before I made sure that everyone understood what it is.

This is not the first time that I have attempted to explain RSS and met with failure. Therefore, I’ve written up a page to which I can point people when they want to understand RSS. That page is here.

If you have a moment, especially if you don’t know what RSS is, or don’t understand how it works, please read that page and comment here or send me an email with your observations, things that confused you, things that you still wonder, and I’ll try to improve the page. Feel free to tell your friends!

Today’s stats. I am still drinking water before bed, so I’m going to tack an extra glass on to what I’ve had so far:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Alcohol
07:30 h 2.060 L 17:50 min 1 1/4 cup(s) 1 drink(s)

I’m running a little faster now. It’s cold out there in the morning! I need to get some running pants, because the shorts aren’t really cutting it anymore. Also, I think I need at least 8:30 h of sleep. I was yawning hard all day. Blah.