The Chameleon Problem

When I got back from Niger, I made this post about my adventures in angering a chameleon. Granted, it’s not the nicest thing I could have done to the chameleon, but it didn’t harm him. For some reason, this picture has drawn a few nasty comments on Flickr. “Congratulations, that makes you an asshole.” “Blah blah bad english how you like if we poke you with stick?” Those are both paraphrased, especially the last one.

What. the. hell.

It’s not like I tied it to a stick and pulled of its toes for shits and giggles. Amanda told me that chameleons look really cool when they’re agitated, and that we could poke him to get him to change colors. I got a stick, prodded him in the side until he changed colors, and then we put him in the tree, saving him from certain death at the hands of the local cat.

What drives people to make comments like that? Are they super-protective of animals? The large number of cat pictures posted by one of the commenters inclines me to think so. The other had no (public) pictures posted at all. Maybe they just have time to kill. Well if it’s the former, I have an announcement to make:

I eat dead animals

except, they’re killed just for my culinary pleasure. Not like, dead animals I find in the street. Gross.

That ought to give them something to be pissed about. I don’t even eat meat that often anymore, but I do eat it.

I should note that today started out pretty good (except for the rain) and slowly progressed from good to bad to worse. This last photo comment was enough to rile me up sufficiently for a blog post. I hope to have a better one for you before I go to bed.

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