Dinner at Saleem’s

Today I finally managed to convince everyone to have dinner at Saleem’s, which I’ve been craving since Tuesday. They have a very nice vegetarian platter, but it’s always too much. Tonight I just had soup and a sandwich instead. I ended up feeling a lot better.

They’re a lot like Lebanon’s Cafe back in New Orleans, but pricier, and with not-as-good hummous (sp?). Tonight was $1-PBR night, hence the 4 drinks in the stats:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Alcohol
08:00 h 2.270 L 00:00 min 1/2 cup(s) 4 drink(s)

As a reminder, I didn’t run today because it’s quite cold outside. However, I did go to Target after work and get some cold-weather running clothes, so I shall go tomorrow morning, and the morning after that and so on.