At home on Friday

The culmination of all of my organization and routine is this: it’s Friday night, and all I want is to get a good night’s sleep.

I’ve made my November stats page public! You can now assuage your burning curiosity as to how much coffee I drank every day this month.

Here’re the stats, folks:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Alcohol
08:00 h 3.340 L 18:13 min 1 cup(s) 1 drink(s)

That’s nearly a record for water. However, on 2005-11-06 I drank 90 mL more than that. (ADDENDUM: I’m quite thirsty tonight. I just had another glass, breaking the record!) The glass of wine and three beers from yesterday slowed me down this morning. It was nice running in proper gear for the weather, though. Switched up to two glasses of half-caff this morning on a whim, rather than quarter-caff. I only had one beer at happy hour today. I had enough last night.

In other news, Google Analytics now recognizes that my site has the little tag installed, but well over 12 hours (their estimate) after it was recognized, I still have no analysis of data from them. I’ve heard that it can be a little slow to get started. I wonder if it’ll be more useful than what I’ve been using — good old webalizer.