Ramping back up

Being at home seems to sedate me. Not only do I not feel like doing work when I’m at my parents’ house, I don’t feel like doing much of anything else, either. I get way off schedule. I stay up too late and sleep in. And I was doing so well in St.Louis. Case in point? I prefer to go to bed at around 21:30. It’s now 23:41. I’m not tired. In my quest to begin drinking 4 cups of green tea per day, I neglected to consider that I should drink them in the morning, and not the afternoon / evening. Combine this with the fact that I haven’t been drinking much caffeine lately and… yeah. Not good.

Here’s a news item for you, courtesy of Slashdot. Evidence continues to mount that we are experiencing a bit of global warming, that nothing like this has occurred for thousands of years, during several cycles of the earth’s climate, and that the rise in greenhouse gasses and average temperatures almost exactly parallels the industrial revolution and the use of fossil fuels.


The greenhouse gas study is here, while the water level story is here. In science, when all of the evidence points to something, it’s generally considered to be the working theory. To say that this probably has nothing to do with human activity is like saying that because living things are complex someone had to design them — that is, it’s a cop-out that offers no counter-explanation, and no substantiated criticism.

In other news, here are the stats for today:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Green Tea Alcohol
8 h 2.4 L 18.88 min 1 cup(s) 4 cup(s) 0 drink(s)

There is some wine here, but it’s not open, and due to some sulfite allergies in the house, opening a bottle is akin to flooding the house with radon gas or something. I guess I’ll just have to have some next week when Amanda’s in town. I’m missing my drinks-with-dinner tradition. My exercise today was running. I felt too lethargic before running to air up the bike tires, get dressed in bike things, and go ride the bike. Also, I’m afraid of debris and crap on the roads, but they’re probably okay now. It’s been months.

I managed to squeeze out a little bit of work today, but it was not a top priority. Tomorrow, it should be. I have a lot to get done. Maybe I’ll shoot for four productive hours. I’m busy trying to induce a spiral wave in a sheet of tissue.

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  1. Alex Pontois

    I went to a thing about climate change, and they talked a lot about the latest climate trends and sunspots having a causal relationship, but the people who were putting on that symposium pointed out that it historically accounted for climate change, but even this model didn’t fit todays rise in temperatures.

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