Bratty Post (205m36cm10mm)

What? What is this? Something is missing. This blog is not enough. Not delicious at all. We were making it more delicious, but then we decided not to. Oh, and we also lost something. We were going to give it to you, but then we forgot about it. No matter. Make this blog more super fab delicious. We can believe in you for 8 earth minutes, but after that, even Brock cannot wait.

Yes, I’m playing way too much Katamari Damacy. I love that game.

Today was good, and it was bad. I was once more lethargic, though this time it was largely due to having only six hours of sleep:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Green Tea Alcohol
6 h 1.2 L 0 min 2 cup(s) 3 cup(s) 1 drink(s)

Not drinking enough water was probably not good either. I may drink some more after this post. Water, that is. I wanted an after dinner drink, so I had some of vodka tonic. I’m going to read some Chronicles of Narnia and get some shut-eye.

What’s this? It’s short. This post is too short. I guess it will work. We would have made it much longer. I guess we’ll get a decent post out of this somehow.