Personal and Blog Stats for the End of November 2005

This is the end of the first month for which I have logged my personal stats, those lovely updates you see almost daily at the bottom of my blog.  Here’s a plot of everything I recorded (except work hours).

Flickr Photo
You’ll probably want to view a larger version. The last day (the 30th) is of course not complete. Maybe I should do this on the first day of the following month from now on.  This has been really good for me. It helps me to keep track of when I’m doing too much of some things, and when I’m doing too little of others.  Furthermore, after I get more consistent in my data recording, I plan on running regressions of each parameter compared with hours of productive, lab-related work.  That’s where the motivation for this originated. I want to see what makes me more productive, and what hinders my productivity. I also want to see if beginning and ends of months, seasons, weather, national disasters and so on have any interesting effects.  I doubt that these pursuits will initially be statistically sound. However, if I manage to perservere in my recording, I may eventually apply some more rigorous controls and analyses.

Here’s some info I’ve gleaned from another type of statistics — Google Analytics.  Using Flock’s blog editor, I’ve recently started adding Technorati tags to my entries. You may have seen them at the bottom of the posts.  Within a few days, Technorati has become a major referrer for my site. Check it out:
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Technorati is the second-largest, yellow-orange wedge if you don’t want to zoom in. That’s incredible!  This has convinced me to continue using Technorati tags for now.

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