Tech News for the End of November 2005

Some good and bad news today in the tech sector:

  • There are a lot of exciting things in store for Google Talk in the coming months and we thought the best way to tell you about them was to create a blog. We’ll keep you posted on new features, happenings in the community, and progress towards our goal of enabling customer choice in Internet communications through open standards and interoperability.

    Google Talkabout

  • Firefox 1.5 Final Now Available – you’re not using it… why?
  • Microsoft Open Document Standard Not So Open – Is anyone surprised about this? Comments, Mr.Scoble?
  • I’m working on a mobile (wap or xhtml-mp) theme, so please step by in a couple months, I hope I’ll have something ready by then.

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    I was extremely impressed to find a comment from the author of Gregarius regarding my recent complaints.  As I said, I think it has a lot of potential, and I’m going to check back in a few months to see where things have gone. It’s not currently ready to handle my style(s) of feed-perusal.

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