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Yet Another Windows XP Security Hole

Sunbelt BLOG: New exploit blows by fully patched Windows XP systems

That’s right, once again, Windows XP is wide open to an exploit, regardless of the patches and spyware you have installed. People continue to use this software… why? Is it a  reason good enough to balance the risk of having your computer compromised once per month or more frequently?

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The Constitution Was Apprehended in Afghanistan

Quoth the Fafblog,

in the weeks following September 11th, the United States Constitution was apprehended in Afghanistan and transferred to a military detainment facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Medium Lobster cannot divulge further details without compromising America’s intelligence apparatus, but civil libertarians should rest assured that the Pentagon has established the Constitution’s clear ties to al Qaeda, and that it is no accident that America has not been attacked since the deadly document’s capture.

So that’s where it went. I had been wondering.

My SkypeIn Number No Longer Valid

I let the subscription lapse because I wasn’t using it. I’m going to be out of cell phone range from the 25th through the 30th, so if you need to get ahold of me try email, skype (username brocktice), or AIM.  My contact info is on my website here.

3D Cross-eyed stereogram macros

There’s a guy (lordv) on Flickr with an absolutely fantastic set of macro (very close-up) photos from nature, featuring lots of flowers and insects. On top of that, he has a recent set wherein two images are shown, and if you do the cross-eyed 3D thing, you get a 3D macro image.  It’s fantastic. The photo set is here

Here’s the one with the best depth I’ve seen so far:

It helps if, after you get the 3D image locked in your brain, you use your hands so that you can’t see the ‘extra’ images on either side. Then you can examine the picture without losing the lock as easily.
ADDENDUM 2005-12-23 @ 21:56: Look, I did it with our heart model!
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