Back in Mandeville

I’ve left New Orleans, and just finished catching up on blog posts and email here in my parents’ house in Mandeville.

New Orleans was fun, and it felt good to be back there for a while. I’m looking forward to returning soon.  I was going to leave first thing in the morning for St.Louis tomorrow, but I’m pretty tired and I’d like to do some laundry and stuff before going back, so I’m going to leave Sunday morning instead.  That brings me back in time to start work Monday.  I’m also going to do some work here tomorrow.

Some of you may recall the little fiasco I had with my FedEx package a few weeks ago. After calling the manager of the regional distribution center, I finally got an answer. It had been delievered to the Quadrangle Housing office.  Noone from Quadrangle had called me, and I had no way of knowing that “COME PICK UP” as written on the door tag referred to that office.  There were a few failures of communication there, but at least the package was safe, and I finally received it.

There’s a whole new situation brewing with and some things I ordered, but I’m going to wait until the shit hits the fan before I try to sort that mess out. I’ve already called only to be told conflicting things by people with various heavy accents over their english, and I anticipate it will be a bit easier once they get some red flags internally saying that they’ve screwed up.

I don’t have stats for you today. I’m going to estimate that stuff tomorrow. Lack of internet and structure in New Orleans have derailed my logging a bit.

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