Bad news for Tulane

Tulane lost a ton of money during this whole hurricane situation. I’m sure renting cruise ships as residence halls isn’t helping to stem the financial hemorrhaging.  Now comes the belt-tightening.

If your department isn’t rocking the proverbial casbah, you’re out the door:

The university will focus its undergraduate, professional and doctoral programs and research in areas where it has attained, or has the potential to achieve, world-class excellence. It will suspend admission to those programs that do not meet these criteria.

Survival to Renewal: Tulane University

I’m now very curious about the definition of “world class excellence”…  Just how bad is it? Here are some numbers:

The financial recovery aspects of the renewal plan address the budget shortfall the university anticipates in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and will result in the phased elimination of approximately 50 faculty positions in discontinued undergraduate and professional degree programs. Another 180 faculty positions will be eliminated at the medical school as a result of the decreased population and changing health care needs of New Orleans.“I deeply regret that employee reductions were necessary to secure the university’s future,” said Cowen. “We have tried to make the reductions as strategically and humanely as possible, recognizing the hardship it places on those whose positions have been terminated.”

Survival to Renewal: Tulane University

Not very good at all.

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