So much food

I dished out some leftover thai peanut tofu for myself. Then I thought, wow, that’s a lot of leftovers.

I am so, SO full. Ow.

At least it was tasty. Today was exhausting, but very academically interesting. There are days when I just grind at boring details, days when I’ve had to deal with annoying students as a TA, and days when I just can’t concentrate for people bugging me all of the time.

And then, there are days where I find out just how much really cool stuff is going on in the field, and in scientific research in general. Heavy though my eyelids may be, today was one of those days. I feel like I’m getting close to some kind of critical mass.

hah. Classes will probably set me back two semesters on getting there. But at least I know it’s out there.

Off to Bedfordshire.

ADDENDUM: I did not sleep well on a full stomach… uuughhh.

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