Are Republicans hiding what they did post-Katrina?

[Brock has kindly allowed me to occasionally guest on his blog on the topic of New Orleans post-Katrina. My views, of course, are not Brock’s, as his comments will no doubt indicate from time to time. Kodjo]

The Republican dominated House committee investigating the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina quickly requested and received virtually everything written from the Democratic governor of the state Louisiana. This information was made public on December 2nd.[1]

In contrast, the White House is stonewalling[2] and the House committee has, to date, not pressed the issue. Similarly, little information has been supplied by the Republican governors of Alabama and Mississippi.[3]

The House committee has finally decided to subpoena the Pentagon, who “said it had lost the committee-issued request for memos, e-mail messages and other documents related to the military’s response to the worst natural disaster in U.S. history”.[4] Don’t worry. They run a good war.

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