Posting through Bluetooth and My New Treo 650

With three sales tax free days, some free time to get accustomed to a new device, and a dying Treo 600, I finally bit the bullet and just bought the Treo 650. This means that I can now use my phone as a modem over Bluetooth, and I get a connection speed of around 75 kbps according to 2wire. This is phenomenal, as it means that I don’t need to find a WiFi connection for basics like e-mail, blogging, and reading blogs as long as my phone has a connection.

Even though some of that stuff can be done from the phone itself (which is totally sweet, by the way) it’s nice when available to use my PowerBook instead. It has a 1440×900 17″ wide screen and a full-sized keyboard. This is definitely not the case with the Treo.

The camera seems to be much better than on the Treo 600. It works much better in low light situations. The Treo 600 camera was basically useless unless you were outside in broad daylight.

Here’s a picture I snapped of some graffiti in New Orleans:

Someone's tagging with my name!

It seems there’s an thug artist who shares my name in the city.

As you may have inferred from the title, this post and the upload of the photo have been done using my Treo’s connection over Bluetooth. I happen to think that’s pretty cool.

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2 thoughts on “Posting through Bluetooth and My New Treo 650

  1. will

    How hard was the setup?

    I have not yet tried to do it ( Treo 650 + Powerbook + Verizon ).
    Just haven’t had time.

  2. brock Post author

    It wasn’t too bad. I don’t know what the situation with Verizon is, as I use Sprint. I guess it depends on whether Verizon has DUN over bluetooth enabled now. Sprint does, but they didn’t before. You needed a patch. It was basically (1) pair devices (2) set the powerbook to dial #777 (3) connect.

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