Article Review: A Chilling Tale by J.H. Indik

Hubmed Page: A Chilling Tale

This is an article about a clinical case of a man who went to an emergency room for diarrhea, and ended up having a heart attack. It goes on to analyze the odd ECG recordings he produced, describe how hypothermia was induced to minimize damage, and elucidate the origin of the problem. It’s a quick read at 3 pages, two of which consist primarily of ECG plots.

As a basic scientist who does mostly simulation work, I’m not very good at reading pathology from ECG readouts. However, I’m trying to read more clinical literature to become more familiar with the way cardiologists look at a heart’s electrophysiological function. This article points out a number of odd features of the subject’s ECG readout, and explains the sources of them. It’s a little over my head, but it should be valuable information as I try to learn more about this form of diagnosis.