Biolicious Blog and Ion Channel Media Group

I came across this blog via one of my Technorati keyword watchlists. The parent site/company, Ion Channel Media Group, was a bit hard to figure out from just their website. According to the CEO, who was kind enough to reply to my inquiring email, the company does, “citation analysis to create alerts for researchers in specific life sciences fields. We use this information to produce a number of portals and then sell advertising, email marketing and PR campaigns.”

It’s curious, to be sure. Nonetheless, the blog looks pretty interesting, and the latest article covers something I was going to do a complete post on — the recent scandals over fraudulent scientific research. There are also some interesting stories on electrophysiology — automatic patch clamping and the like. It’s probably worth checking out if you follow electrophysiology, but I find the whole site/company/webring a bit strange.

Biolicious Blog

fresh research in biomedical science – from Ion Channel Media Group