Science and Engineering Talent to be Outsourced

This is what happens when we spend more time fighting off creationists than teaching evolution — we get replaced by people who do things right:

Firms shop overseas, this time for talent – Technology – International Herald Tribune

The American executives who are planning to send work abroad express concern about what they regard as an incipient erosion of scientific prowess in this country, pointing to the lagging math and science proficiency of American high school students and the reluctance of some college graduates to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Of course, our problems aren’t restricted to biology. It’s just a canary of sorts, dying when the air goes foul. We’re still coasting on our former science and engineering prowess, but the party’s over.

First it was assembly. Then it was programming. Next it’s going to be engineers and scientists. I don’t advocate isolation — that’s just a battle against time. I do, however, advocate strengthening math and science education in this country.

One thought on “Science and Engineering Talent to be Outsourced

  1. Alex Pontois

    Why’d America decide to bite the hand that feeds it by fighting against science?

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