Not Just Religion Attacking Science

So-called “Social Scientists” are doing it as well:

Talk Reason: arguments against creationism, intelligent design, and religious apologetics

“If a theory ‘forced’ one to assent to politically distasteful, depressing, and counterintuitive claims, then one could regard those consequences as in themselves good reasons to find the theory implausible,” says feminist philosopher Sandra Harding;

If we don’t like the results, well, we can just throw them out! Let the revolution in science begin!

One thought on “Not Just Religion Attacking Science

  1. Alex

    Post-modernism is and has been a big threat in the social sciences, especially anthropology. Thankfully, anthropology as a scientific discipline is beginning to self-correct. The death of ID will probably be the death of all the other bad ideaologies in science, as people do realize that science cannot and does not conform to their existing ideas.
    Science is telling us that the difference between men and women is real. Men and women perceive things differently and (statistically) have different skill sets intellectually. Does this mean feminism is wrong? Only insofar as they deny the biological facts. Does this mean that the traditionalist view of women as chattel is correct? Well, nothing about the scientific data lends any evidence to the idea that women should be property.

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