Florida schools choose between bad and worse with new, ID-influenced textbooks

Due to pressures from the Discovery Institute (I.E. creationist propagandists — look them up) the only choices considered were a textbook that flaunts “Intelligent Design” and one that is merely tainted by a watering-down of its coverage of evolution. Fantastic.

Broward selects biology text with watered-down passages on evolution: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Previous editions of the textbook said Darwin’s theory “is the essence of biology.” In the Broward edition, students will read instead that Darwin’s theory “provides a consistent explanation for life’s diversity.” The county plans to spend $1.2 million for 20,000 copies of the book. It will be required reading in Biology I classes until 2013. “We’re very pleased,” said Rick Blake, spokesman in Chicago for Holt, Rinehart and Winston. “Science is a very strong area for Holt.”

Science was a very strong area for Holt.

ADDENDUM: The ReDiscovery Institute plans to take the success the Discovey Institute in applying Design “Science” to biology, and extend it to other disciplines. They also plan to follow the Discovery Institute’s political strategy:

“Until we gain total control, keep the old testament part of our agenda quiet because it frightens normal people.”