If they outlaw evolution, only outlaws will evolve…

My friend Alex from Back In The Day™wrote an interesting post about his hope for the future of Humanity based on the democratizing effects of technology and the Internet. Except that he put it a lot more poetically. Here’s a snippet:

earthbound01: the internet is wide

broadly, there’s some kind of metaphorical Library of Alexandria here, it’s depth of knowledge wide and deep. Virtually all human learning is available here if you have the right passwords and authorization. I’m able to read scholarly journals now from a little terminal. All of our culture is slowly being uploaded, explained, digested. Perhaps one day all cultures will be there. Just think for a minute how sweet the future is going to be now that information is available broadly. Think of it though- all knowledge, all art, all human creation and technology available, or at least explicable. And communication! Instantaneous text, sound, or video transmission. Amazing!

There’s some kind of air-strike going on in Iraq, and I’m worried about “collateral damage”, and our soldiers, and really everyone involved. Wars are great for stopping nazis, but I am starting to think they aren’t very good for stopping concepts like or terrorism. Still, these things are temporary, and I think people aren’t stupid and are learning.
Life goes on.
and adapts.
Maybe we can tell the creationistas that if they outlaw evolution only outlaws will evolve.