Round 1 of Reading Complete

I’ve read the latest and greatest papers on heart resynchronization therapy. Now it’s time to read their interesting references, many of which (thankfully!) overlap. In particular, there have been a few major studies in the last few years, and for a complete picture of the existing HRT knowledge, I must read these studies.

By the way, Guidant has funded the majority of the HRT studies I’ve read. I wonder if they’re doing more research on it than anyone else, or if they’re just hiring more academics to do it rather than doing studies in-house. Hmm.

ADDENDUM 2006-05-25 @ 10:17 CDT: I have 168 references to check out. Not all of them are unique, and not all of them are likely to be interesting enough to look up (by the title), but they were all referenced in an interesting way in the papers I’ve already read.

ADDENDUM 2006-05-25 @ 13:33 CDT: After pruning, 72 articles to acquire and read. On my mark, get set, go!.