Daily Work Log 2006-07-24

My focus this week has to be on my prospectus. I still don’t know whether I’ll have to be at Hopkins by August 24th or September 8th. Hopefully I can get that information this week.

Either way, the prospectus needs to be done before I go, and either way, that means soon.

So far I’ve managed to get one (10+2)*5 dash done on my prospectus, and I’m in the process of the first dash on my paper. My “minimum” quota is 2 dashes for each of those projects. The minimum bit means that before I work on other stuff, I’m supposed to try to finish those four dashes every day. So far my track record is not that good, but last week was a strange week, with the visitors from Oxford and so on.

Because of resolution issues, I’m redoing a figure for the paper. For some reason, even though I thought I used the same method as usual to make the figure, the activation maps from the model came out fuzzy when the figure was viewed at document resolution. None of my other figures were having an issue, so I’m re-making the activation maps on higher-res images. It’s kind of a pain, but the results look nice.

Two dashes on the paper down, one on the prospectus. One more dash on the prospectus left to go for today. Then I’ll start going through the @Lab Next Actions without regard to project/priority. I prioritize projects, generally, but not Next Actions.

Finished with all of my dashes today. I have stuff going on shortly after dinner tonight, so I’m going to go home at around 16:30. In other news, even after unsubscribing, the Heart Rhythm Society continues to spam me with training seminar notices, because they think I’m a cardiologist. Lovely. I have unsubscribed multiple times. I expect better from a professional organization. I’m going to run through my before-leaving-work checklist and get out of here.