Daily Work Log 2006-07-26

I’m doing these (10+2)*5 work dashes, and trying to do a minimum of four per day, which I thought would be an easy minimum. Instead, it’s been a rather difficult minimum to maintain. When I try to set aside solid, 1-hour blocks to work on things, I realize how many little things interrupt me and require my attention throughout the day.

I really want to make that 4-dash minimum every day. I actually thought that 6 would be a good number per day, but that now seems outlandish.

I was at work for 10.5 hours yesterday, I worked on lab stuff all day, and yet I was only able to get in four dashes.

I find this intriguing. Is that spelled right?

Day went by in a whirlwind. Had a hard time concentrating. Had to shut all the machines down in lab due to impending scheduled power outage. Out of here for the day.