First Week Back in 2007

This has been a good, productive week. I’ve been making an effort to have a life aside from work, and it’s paying off. I’m happier all around, I’m doing things I want to do (and have needed to do) at home, while making good progress at work. I’m feeling pretty on top of things.

I did my weekly review in the morning today. I used to do it in the afternoon, but too many things got in the way by Friday afternoon, and I often found myself pushing it back till Saturday, or not putting in the proper effort. Today it took me 2 hours and 45 minutes, because I’ve had so much stuff going on, so many ideas bouncing around in my head, and so on. Through the course of the review I generated 36 to-do items in my inbox, which I then of course processed and entered into the system appropriately.

Now it’s time to pay myself back for such a good week — it’s Happy Hour!