Paper’s almost done

I have been working nonstop. Had a very interesting meeting with IBM sales reps yesterday about possible new hardware configurations for the lab. The stuff I’ve been learning in my parallel programming class really came in handy, I was able to grill the sales reps and find out exactly what I needed to know. There may be 6000 or more CPUs in our future…

In other news, I’m trying to get back on the triathlon training bandwidth, and get off of the caffeine. The best I’ve ever felt, and I think maybe my only all-A semester of my undergraduate years both came when I was exercising regularly and off the caffeine. I just need it for one more day, and one more, and one more… although this really has been a bad time to quit, with all of the looming deadlines. I’m going to attempt a swim tomorrow early in the morning followed by a 41-mile bike ride late in the afternoon, after I’ve sent my draft to my advisor. This has been partially driven by the newly-minted Hopkins triathlon club.

I’ve not been inactive, with regard to the blog. Every day new post ideas pop into my head, and in good GTD fashion, they go on my @Blog context list. I plan to start emptying that list soon. Sooon….

2 thoughts on “Paper’s almost done

  1. Rob

    The more I learn about parallel programming, the more I learn that Memfem isn’t at all built to handle 6000 CPUs. I worry that memfem will need a complete rewrite in order to truly scale.


  2. brock Post author

    Well, we’re not going to be using all 6000 CPUs for the same simulation. What’s the problem with it?

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