Monthly Archives: April 2007

Double your time

So, I had an epiphany of sorts last night. I realized that if you are able to work double the normal number of hours in a day (and still be productive, it’s important to sleep), you can essentially double your effective time to meet a deadline.

Long week

Time at work:
Monday: 14:00 hours
Tuesday: 15:18 h
Wednesday: 13:10h
Thursday: 15:28 h
Friday: 13:05h
Saturday: 15:14h
Sunday: 15:15h

Total: 101:30h

Un-effing-believable. And here it goes again starting now (00:10 Monday morning).

20+ Hours

Up until now I would not have believed I could possibly work (productively, at knowledge work) this many hours per day, for this many days per week, for this many weeks straight, if you had told me.

It’s… interesting.

Stupid Word

Dear Microsoft Word,
Please stop trying to outsmart me. I promise you that I really want to select the letters I drag the mouse across, and not the surrounding words.


This is one reason why journals should not require submissions in MS Word format. Gar.

Christopher Rice on New Orleans

In an interview with Chris Rose, the son of writer Anne Rice ( a novelist himself ) had this to say when asked about New Orleans’ effect on a person who has lived there:

“To be from New Orleans is to enter into a contract with it, that you will try to articulate its magic to those who are not from there, to those who can’t help but see it through the lens of fantasy and cliché. New Orleans bombards your senses without regard for discretion of gentility, so to have spent any time at all here means you have been branded by its purple sunsets, to have been given memories that, quite simply, could not have been made anywhere else.”

Thanks to my mom for the link to the article.